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ExpatSpanish is UNIQUE
It is the ONLY Spanish language course you will find with absolutely NO GRAMMAR lessons, but it teaches you simple tricks and shortcuts that will enable you to speak basic Spanish.
The bottom line is that speaking any language involves learning vocabulary, the everyday words you use and how to join them together to make sentences. ExpatSpanish helps you build up your vocabulary and then shows you by example how to use those words in everyday conversation. There are a few simple rules to follow which will enable you to speak about the past and future without having to struggle with Spanish verb conjugation. It is not perfect Spanish but for many people who have given up trying to learn to speak Spanish it offers a simple and effective solution to being able to have a conversation in Spanish.

Learn by Example
Simply put you are learning to speak Spanish using the "example" sentence that you get with every vocabulary word you learn.
There is no guessing about what you are saying, the "example" sentence is in English and Spanish so it is very easy to understand.
As you gain confidence you will be able to change the "example" sentence to suit your conversation.
ExpatSpanish has over 1000 EVERYDAY words and "example" sentences.

Below you can see some of the 1000 "example" sentences that you can learn.

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grand children
Do you have any grand children? Yes. I have  two girls and a boy.
¿Tienes algunas nietos ? Sí. Tengo dos niñas y un niño .
I am a Real Madrid fan, they are my favourite team.
Soy hincha de Real Madrid son mis equipo favorito.
My onions and peppers are growing very well this year.
Mis cebollas y pimientos están crecer muy bien este año .
used to acustomed to
I am used to eating diner at 7 o'clock.
Estoy acustumbrado a comer cena a las 7.00.
I am retired I used to be a doctor.
Soy jubilado antes de yo era un médico.
How much are the tickets? They are 10 euros per person.
Cuánto es las billetes? Son 10 euros por persona .
Does your dog bite? No but it barks a lot.
Su perro morder? No pero ladrar mucho.
These boots are very comfortable.
Estas botas son muy cómodo .
Enjoy your meal.
Disfrute su comida.
The view is great from here.
La vista es estupendo desde aquí.
start engine
My engine won't start.
Mi motor no arranca.
el dueño
Are you the owner of this house?
¿Eres el dueño de esta casa ?

There are 80 lessons in the Basic Spanish Course (show me the Lessons and Tutorials)
There are over 1000 words
There are over 1000 individual sentences
There are over 4 hours of Audio (80 Individual mp3 audio files in English and Spanish)
You do not need a dictionary or translator to hand, every word and every sentence is written in English and Spanish to help you understand how the language works.


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