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"EXPAT" Simple Effective Conversational Spanish

So you want to learn to speak Spanish?
ExpatSpanish comes with a unique set of tutorials all written in a simple and easy way to understand with plenty of examples. There is no fancy jargon like "synergy"  no
"mnemonic" word association, no flash cards, no tests.
You learn a couple of very simple rules that will enable you to speak in the past, present and future.
You will learn how to deal with Spanish verbs and why you don't have to struggle learning Spanish GRAMMAR.
You will learn that there is a simple ability we all have to understand the words we hear and how to use this to your advantage.
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Masculine and Feminine Words, when it is important to get it right.
Using Spanish verbs without learning any grammar.
These simple tutorials explain how you can use Spanish verbs in your conversation without conjugating the verb.
Simple shortcuts that will enable you talk in the Paste Tense.
Simple shortcuts to enable you talk in the Present Tense.
Simple and easy to learn shortcuts that will enable you talk in the Future Tense.
Things you can do to Improve your Spanish conversation.

All these Tutorials are explained with examples, very easy to learn and will give you the confidence to speak Spanish from day one.

Remember the less you get bogged down in grammar the more you can concentrate on actually having a conversation.