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So you want to speak Spanish! This is where you get ExpatSpanish.

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ExpatSpanish Complete On-Line and Off-Line learning Package
On-Line ExpatSpanish Conversation Lessons and Tutorials
On-Line lessons with integrated Audio, this means that each lesson has the audio file linked to it so you can read and listen to the lesson at the same time.
You MUST BE connected to the internet to use On-Line Expatspanish
The online version of ExpatSpanish .
Linked Audio files with each lesson.
Every word and sentence in English and Spanish.
You will quickly and easily learn how to pronounce Spanish clearly.
Includes all Tutorial notes.
You can log onto your lessons with any device which will connect to the internet.

Please remember to use Google Chrome if sound files don't work.

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  ExpatSpanish eBook Learn on any of these:-
            Kindle, PC, Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone 
Off-Line mp3 Audio Lessons download.

Off-Line Lessons and Tutorials pdf. download

You Get these FREE when you purchase the online version of ExpatSpanish

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