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"EXPAT" Simple Effective Conversational Spanish Course
XPAT Spanish's unique teaching method uses every trick and shortcut to get you speaking Spanish
Remember if you are thinking how to say something you are not talking.


Will ExpatSpanish work on any computer?

Yes ExpatSpanish will work on any computer tablet or smart phone,  use Google Chrome Browser
 If your current browser plays the sample audio file then there is no need to change to Google Chrome.

This program doesn't work with Firefox browser.

Why can't I click on each word or phrase to hear it?

There are over 1000 words and 1000 phrases clicking on each one to hear it would soon be boring and you would be concentrating on clicking, not listening too and learning your Spanish lessons.
You can rewind the audio player on google to repeat the audio.

Why is the Spanish grammar not always correct in the lessons?

ExpatSpanish is about learning conversational Spanish not about learning Spanish grammar.

I can't hear any sound when using ExpatSpanish online.

Then use Google Chrome

Do pdf files work on any system?

Yes, but you will need to download adobe reader if you do not have it on your device.
Works on all pc's, tablets, smartphones, all systems

How do I open zip files?

The best way is download the zip file to a pc or tablet use a free unzip program then transfer the unzipped audio file to all the devices that you will use to listen to the mp3 audio. This is the same for the lessons & tutorials files.

Why is the Audio not integrated into the  lessons in the Off-Line version of ExpatSpanish?

We are able to integrate the Audio into the lessons On-line because your Internet browser allows us to do so especially Google Chrome. Google chrome works on every device that you use to connect to the internet and that means we can offer this product to everybody. Working Off-Line means that we can only use programs that will work on every device windows, android, ipad etc. This means audio mp3 and lessons in .pdf format and at the moment we cannot provide Expatspanish Off-Line with integrated Audio.
There is one exception to this and that is for windows systems where we can offer Off-Line lessons with integrated sound files.

Can I get a refund if I don't like Expat Spanish

Simple answer is NO. Once you have the codes and unlock ExpatSpanish you are in possession of my work and it has to be paid for. ExpatSpanish is not FREE.