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What is "EXPAT" Spanish all about??? 

ExpatSpanish learn Online or Offline on any device 

Moving to or living in Spain
Most of us want to speak some Spanish, if you do so you will find the Spanish people very friendly and helpful.
The big problem is that 95% of the time we speak English with our family, friends and most other foreign nationals except the Spanish who in the main only speak Spanish.
There are many different ways to learn Spanish, most follow the traditional route which involves learning a lot of Spanish grammar these are slow and overtime are very expensive, the reason many of us give up.
ExpatSpanish isn't perfect but it does offer a simple and effective way to learn conversational Spanish without having to struggle with Spanish Grammar.
So how will YOU learn ExpatSpanish ?
Online - Lessons with integrated audio.
Offline - Download the Expatspanish audio & eBook direct to your device.

ExpatSpanish is about enabling anybody of any age to learn conversational Spanish in the easiest and quickest way possible.

ExpatSpanish realises that you are trying to learn a difficult language that you are only going to speak on a "part time" basis so what you learn has to be really easy to remember.

ExpatSpanish is UNIQUE it is the ONLY Spanish language course you will find with absolutely NO GRAMMAR lessons, using simple tricks and shortcuts that will enable you to speak conversational Spanish.

ExpatSpanish offers you an alternative way to learn, Spanish Conversation.
No Grammar, No Written Work. Learn when you want, where you want and at the speed you want.

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Buy ExpatSpanish for as little as 20 euros / 15.00. That's it no more to pay.

Works on any device 

There are 80 lessons in the EXPAT Spanish Language Course (show me the Lessons and Tutorials)
There are over 1000 words
There are over 1000 individual sentences
There are over 4 hours of Audio (80 Individual mp3 audio files in English and Spanish)
You do not need a dictionary or translator to hand, every word and every sentence is written in English and Spanish to help you understand how the language works.